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Hello i,m Helenexl and i always wonder what guys think girls think. Many people ask me if my boobs are real. What kind of question is that. ok i tell you are they real. some time it happens that different guys ask m that quetion. judge self and think by your self. we are going to loock at top 5 myths and facts ,what guy thing girl think. Ok this does not reflect me. This is what i think only. so plz commentand let,s solve it unce for all .

Top 5 myhs that uys think girl think

  1. we can,t work hard or get dirt under our neils, becouse it will blow away our image. myth
  2. we just wan,t guys whit influence, no mather if your bad or sell drug to kids. and later we end up in hospital whit broken ribs. True
  3. we are caward. we have the same opinion and ideology as the last one who fuckt us myth
  4. we complain about evry fart you do in toilet to our friends true
  5. we eat you up from the inside to out, therefore we live longer. myth



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