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3d games are here to stay, and there are many mods that people can use to fine-tune the experience of most mainstream games. However, sex or nude mods have become the most popular modifications that adult players make to games.
Most popular 3D sex mods
Here are five of the most popular 3d nude or sex mods in popular games.


This is one of the older 3D games of the list. However, it has one of the most popular 3D sex mods. In Indigo Prophecy, Lucas and Carla have sex in many popular sex mods that independent games and developers have introduced.

The Witcher

Another popular 3D game with sex mods is the Witcher. Considering the strong similarities with GOT the numerous sex mods in the game are no surprise. Some of the most popular mods are the Shani Sex Scene as well as the Brothel swap mod. This is definitely one of the 3D games with the largest number of sex mods.


This is one of the most popular 3D games, and the mods are being developed each year. Considering this is one of the most popular 3D role playing games there is a large number of sex mods that have been developed. The best so far is the 3D mod where one has sex with Ysolda. This is built into an entire quest making it more realistic than most of the other sex mods.


Bioware is another role-playing game that offers viewers an opportunity to engage in sex with almost any type of creature. The Dragon Age has the easiest sex mods with the gamer only having to provide the nastiest answers in the dialogue. The diversity of the characters to have sex with is one of the main appeals of these sex mods.


No list is complete without the GTA sex mods. GTA offers everything you would imagine in sex mods. Once the mod starts it normally begins with blowjobs and then the girl having sex on top, then a bend over the session. This mod can be used several different times, and it works best with the more notable female characters in the game.
Considering the vast number of 3D games that are available and the number of developers who are churning sex mods, most games have a lot of games that they can experiment. However, these five are the most popular among gamers.

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