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My valnentine dream, became my worst night mire when my pc crashed. This is where i store all my contact. The lucky sircunstance, was something like that a druggy on my party, became the lucky owner of my iphone 5.


What i did was something like installing a new operative system such as win Xp. A Pirate version that is totally up to date, even better than windows 10. I hocked my crashed hard drive on as a slave drive. just in that same manner i hockt up my lost valentine one week before.

What i did to recover my data, containing info on my lost valnentine.

i bought a HardDisc Drive Case Dock, only for SATA Hard. Why sata drive¡ Because there can be pain in the ass to slave it. There is some thing creepy about them, os system don,t like.

Weel there came a disc in the pack, with yellow finger marks on. The essencial concept of this cd, is to do the config stuff on you device. Just so you dont have o do it your self. So for that mater you actualy just need the software. A usb port is recognized in same mater as your cd socket inside you compter,s motherboard. i can not garagntee if you need a kind daemon software. This is something that acts as hardware of a specific sata dock model. I do,t know if this exist. but hardware and softwares the same followig to ths guy.

Weel in m case i ordered the the crap. I recovered the contact data about my valentine. the package came early. i Called her after 12 days. She was so happy to hear from me. Like many of us say it all happen for a reason. 2 weeks later after i tell her why i waited so long on calling her, she dumps me. But that was ok because i was so in love that  forgot that i found her on And thats a hookup site. in reality she did not dump me, i forgot the role of playing.

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