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Sperm donor wanted, plz donate to us your dna. Some one out there even claim that you will get the latest iphone.

I tell you right now, be aware. Do you have any idea that criminals near you can plant prove on you. with these so called sperm banks your dna can be planted at any crime scene near your home. If you donate your sprm to these sperm banks, you kind of give your trust to your neigbours cat.

There are several thing they can do with your sperm

  • growing new brain
  • growing new heart
  • growing new bones
  • growing new bladder

So ask your self a question! if they can grow all these thing, why cant they grow hairs from your, that they can drop up in the puzzy, to an old prostitute, that they don,t wont anymore. Organized crime cooperate even cross border and sectors, or even culture. Lets say Rordigo camaraz killd a prostitute in bankook, while drugget on azid. He tought she was a dragon with boobs and ass. Maybe a boobsassdragon.

Next day he wakes up from a smell, near the kitchen. He figure out that he needs some one else sprem to later dump her in a tash. And make it lock like some one else did it.


do never give away your dna to some one,this can be used so much against you. let,s say your going to bankook. You sit on your plain on way to it,s destination Bankook. an 3drd part oran working for local government get payd a monthly salaray on 100 dolar to send a list on who enter the coutry,every day.

Your name is on that list. Rodrigo has contacted a darknet contact, that knows you are the victims for hes crime. Becouse you are the stupid shoozen one. Do not be a Sperm donor

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